In a New York Minute!


Reflecting on the split second life changing moments was forefront on my mind as I tucked my little angels into bed. I sighed with relief, and was grateful to hear them safely snoring. This morning I was getting my son Noah and I on our way. My son and his Dad walked down our long driveway to put the snow-blower away. We were blessed with more of that white stuff which needed to be cleared.

I glanced down and saw they were both still at the garage when I sat in the Jeep patiently waiting.  I thought maybe I would drive down and get Noah in the vehicle so we could be on our way. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him run in front of the Jeep, he is barely tall enough to see him. OMG I thought I almost had started the vehicle and backed out. What might have happened, how frightening this little episode was. I gave Dad a lot of heck when he finally walked up the driveway to say good-bye to us.

This is , “My bad Mommy Moment #526” Our day was winding down, the kids were watching a little “Sponge Bob – Square Pants”. I was reading the paper, catching up on the events of the day. Jeez I can’t get that darn jingle out of my head now. My son was playing with his newly opened 10 pack (glow in the dark sticks). I didn’t really think too much of it when he had one his mouth. That is not until his sister Meaghan said “MOM…..MOM…..” I turned and looked, to see she was glowing. Not only glowing but she had speckles of purple all over her and mostly in her hair. She started to cry. “Oh my gosh Meaghan, don’t touch anything”, I said. We quickly washed her hands and rinsed her hair. I threw out all of the sticks, (or so I thought). Several minutes later my son started crying and spitting. His grey pants were now a neon green.  I am sure his tongue was glowing.

Luckily they didn’t get any of this gross stuff in their eyes and I prayed my son didn’t ingest too much of that liquid. I quickly googled “what to do when glow sticks break”, and felt some reassurance they would be ok, since there was no vomit and no eyes which needed to be rinsed out, (Mom calmed down a little).  We rinsed, brushed, rinsed 7 more times and drank some Milk.    

Grateful to have my babies sleeping… How quickly our lives can change. How scary to think of how quickly accidents can happen. “Everything can change in a New York Minute!” I guess that is what our Guardian Angels are for.

Talk soon ~



  1. Tanja says

    OMG Nancy…..we experienced exactly the same couple years ago. My daughters teeth were glow in the night teeth ;)….but I did not stay as calm as you…I phoned a poison centre help line ! Thanks for reminding me to give all three of them an extra hug tonight !
    I love your blog…

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