New MOMMY Adventures


I remember when my daughter Meaghan was born.  It was one of the most wonderful days of my life.  She arrived 3 weeks early and I was in labour close to 24 hours.  I had the drugs, but they didn’t give them to this mommy until I felt every contraction it seemed.  I was sitting outside early in the morning and my water broke about 6:00 am.  I remember knocking on the window of our bedroom to tell my husband, he said he thought it was going to be about another hummingbird I saw.  Well he got the bird story right, just not the right bird it was the arrival of the stork.

We calmly made our way to the hospital, (or maybe I was the calm one), he was pacing around.  We stopped for a visit to see my parents.  Then on the way I felt the need to get my eyebrows waxed at the salon.  Ok enough said we all have our stories.  When Meg’s was born I called her MEAGHAN (this was spelled under a drug induced state – but I still like her beautiful name it is just a little tricky to spell for others at times.)

Does anyone ever tell you the ups & downs a new Mom feels in that first month or two?  I think there is a secret club somewhere.  They just shake their heads and nod because they know, they don’t tell you in the beginning but they just know.  I think if you knew all of the ups and downs in that first year I am not sure there would be as many babes born.  One of my saving graces was getting together with my “baby group”.  We were all in this new unknown territory together and we somehow seemed stronger together fumbling around with our new little people.

My first year was like most new Mom’s ( I am talking that first baby adventure).  I have another little babe, but that is another story left for another time.  I think having that first baby just changes your whole, entire world for the better (it just might not seem like it at the time.)  Meaghan was a beautiful little baby.  My Mom said “She must have sat in the barber’s chair with her Dad and had her hair cut, she looked just like him.  And those feet they were huge (her Dad has a size 13 shoe).  Yep my Dad commented, “She had her Dad’s big Clobbers”.

Ok Mom’s to be if you are reading this and wondering what it will be like.  Yep the secret Mom’s club is shaking and nodding their heads they know.  You will be tested like no other experience.  Your body feels like an alien, your mind will be zoned out, and your emotions will be a roller coaster (just ask my family).  Well this was just my experience and maybe the Mom’s club is nodding yep…… So if you are a new Mom hang on and get ready for the best ride of your life.  You will be OK, and you will love that little bundle like you have never loved in your life.  You will be tired, happy, tired, thrilled, delighted, tired, crying, tired and “Over the Moon”, maybe orbited into another world like I was.  But we call that world Motherhood!


Talk soon ~







Labels for all seasons

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We live in a climate which we have the luxury of the 4 seasons.  Being that it is early April we need to be prepared for all the elements it seems in one day.  The other day we drove home from a visit with family members in the middle of a snowstorm.  Earlier in the day it was sunny and dare I say a little warm – a high of 2. 

I chuckle to myself as I was reminded of a young girl walking by as I was playing with my kids at the park.  I mentioned to my Dad who was with me,  “look she is wearing a sleeveless top and shorts!”  We both laughed and said she must be a Canadian!  The first sign of warmth and sun and we are singing happy thoughts and shedding the layers.    It was one of the coldest February’s we had on record, even in Florida.  I had the opportunity to go South this winter and yes I had to even bundle up then.  I had picked one of the weeks Florida had a cold snap.  They weather channel had warned its residents to bundle up, and bundle they did.  They had on their winter wool coats, hats and gloves, even their dogs had their coats on too.    Of course I walked past them in my shorts, and short sleeve top.  They would nod and wink, and most likely thought …….”Oh my she must be Canadian!” 

What will the kid’s wear tomorrow on the bus?  Will it be snow-pants with shorts underneath?  I am not sure yet, but what I do know for sure is they will have a label on them!  I will leave you with this beautiful poem by Robert Frost which best sums up my thoughts. 


“The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April day.
When the sun is out and the wind is still,
You’re one month on in the middle of May.
But if you so much as dare to speak,
a cloud come over the sunlit arch,
And wind comes off a frozen peak,
And you’re two months back in the middle of March”
–  Robert Frost, Two Tramps in Mud Time, 1926 


Talk soon ~







Bullying – (definition)
Is the use of force, threat or coercion to abuse, intimidate or aggressively impose domination over others.

Why am I wearing a PINK SHIRT TODAY? My family and I support the ANTI-BULLYING “Pink Shirt Campaign “. My daughter reminded me by announcing when she arrived home from school today.  “It is PINK SHIRT DAY tomorrow MOM”.

It began with 2 students in Nova Scotia in 2007 who did not like what happened to a young man who went to school wearing his Pink Polo Shirt” He was teased and called names such as “gay”. The 2 young men who found out about this went to the local drugstore and purchased 50 t-shirts and wore them the next day to school.  Guess what the bully didn’t say anything more, and the boy was not bothered again.

Did you know the first Anti-Bullying Campaign in Canada was in 2000, and was arranged by Bill Belsey.  I would safely say we have all heard of Anti-bullying Campaigns today.  It is now commonplace to have zero tolerance for any type of bullying.

4 Types of Bullying

1. Emotional
2. Verbal
3. Physical
4. Cyber

Bullying is found in our schools, workplaces, families or groups to name a few. Often a person or person’s who are bullied are targeted by a single person or group and made to feel intimidated. Often the bullies are feeling resentful or have low self-esteem within themselves. Many times they have been born into a family which had bullied them or they themselves have been bullied.

Sadly this past Valentines my cousin’s son who is 10, received a Valentines card from a girl in his class that said “I HATE YOU!” How sad is this for a young little boy to receive such a card. My cousin immediately contacted the Principal and this matter got resolved rather quickly. I am not sure what the whole story is, but I was told other boys in her class received the same type of cards.  This is just one of the examples our children may face in our schools today.  Bullying can turn tragic for many young women and men who feel there is no way out and commit suicide as a result of being bullied.  This must stop!


Talk soon ~


Label Me Summertime!


Label Me Summertime! I wish summer could last all year-long. I guess I could move to another Country where it is warm and sunny 24/7? Would you want to move with me?

I am hearing the clock tick – toc…..can you hear it ticking…. I dare not look at the calendar anymore I just don’t want the summer to end. Ok it is nearing the end of July. Do you remember when you were a kid in elementary school and the summers seemed to last forever and you didn’t need a full agenda all summer.  Your Mom would simply open the door and say to you “see you at supper time, and be good!”  Perhaps I am showing my age a wee bit by remembering my summers carefree, easy breezy.  I think it was simply different times and a different world.  Mom’s & Dad’s would you dare think of saying that to your kids today? Why has our society changed so much in such a short time?

I am reading a lot these days about reverting back to those 70’s kind of summers and just taking it easy with the kids and not planning a full agenda for them each day of the week.  Being a Mother I have to admit it does seem daunting not to have some kind of plan.  Or do we over-plan and over-schedule these kids too much.  I know I certainly can overwhelm myself with my planning and then I all of a sudden I just feel like jumping into the water and forgetting it all.

Maybe that is what summers are for, just slow the pace a little and just enjoy each others company – just like these kid’s in this photo.  Ahhh those were the days….. just hanging out with the neighbour kids – we didn’t spend a lot of time on the docks.  However I do remember hop scotch, Barbies, hide and seek, along with popsicles on the sidewalk if we were lucky.  

Thinking back I do remember many a time on the dock at my Grandfathers cottage fishing.  I would catch buckets upon bucket of perch each day.  I remember my father finally showing me how to clean a fish at an early age as he couldn’t keep up with my “catch of the day!”.  MM MM… those are some good memories.  Just me, the dock and a fishing pole. 

Enjoy those summer days and summer nights everyone – don’t be afraid to jump in and enjoy the fun of summer, I will race you!

Talk soon ~


Slow Down Summer …………


I just want summer to last all year-long.  I was doing some “business stuff” today as we all do, and I was discussing dates with a business associate and I realized we were talking about August.  No – No – No I don’t want to think August we just have begun July.  SLOW DOWN I thought to myself.  I need to really chill and savour these summer moments more.  We have already begun July and looking thru my calendar I see how quickly the summer is going to slide by.  NO – NO – NO!  I simply will not allow it.

I must mark my calendar with more fun dates for myself and my kiddlets.   I know we have the other seasons and other holidays to look forward to, but do they involve a beach, book and sand?  Please let my mind, body and soul this year – S L O W down just a little so I can really take each minute to really feel the sun on my back.  Please let my mind slow down enough to wonder into the world of my new fiction book.  I just want to really sink my toes in the sand, and slather more sunblock on the shoulders and maybe have a cold drink on hand by my beach chair!  All the while when I look up and I can see my kiddies running safely down the beach with their silly grins on their faces while I hear them giggle and watch their watermelon bellies jiggle.


Well that’s all folks just some late night thoughts.  I am getting up early tomorrow and running to the beach.  Not walking, but running.  OK… actually we are driving a few hours and Mom gets to pack up, (must remember the new book),  and all the other family beach stuff.  I am going to breathe deep (this yoga stuff really works), forget about those “business stuff thingies for a while and just chill!”  See you at the beach.


Talk soon ~



We all need a “Pretty Ribbon!”


Do you remember your “Track & Field” Day at school when you were young? My best memories were of the celebrations at the end of the day with popsicle in hand.  I guess I wasn’t much of an athlete when my memories are of popsicle’s and not the actual events.  I do remember the high jumping, that darn bar!  It always kind of scared the heck of me.  Oh those ribbons they were always such a big part of the day.  So many colours and they would be worn proudly on our shirts. 

What happens to the child who doesn’t receive a ribbon?  And all of her classmates, or all of your school it seems is walking around giving high fives and you are quietly crying on the sidelines.  My heart broke today.  I attended my daughters “Track & Field Day” at her school for a few hours and watched this little “ribbon-less” girl crying because she didn’t have any ribbons on her shirt.

I hadn’t planned on attending but driving home from an early morning seminar at the local library I felt the tug of my car to go “surprise my girl and give her a few cheers”.  I felt I had done my (mommy) duty, as I had volunteered earlier in the week for her school trip.  A mothers job is never done! 

The day was held at Marden Park, a local indoor arena.   Just a short bus drive from the school.  My Meaghan had been talking about this for the last week.   She said she wasn’t sure if she wanted to run the 400m or not?  I said go for it girl!  She did it and I think she got a 6th place ribbon. I didn’t get to see her run but I was so proud of her, as I knew from her talks she was a little nervous. 

I was lucky to watch her perform her last 2 events.  I watched her do the long jump.  She has long legs and is very tall so I thought – Ok good she will do well!  She placed “3rd”,  my Meg’s said “It was her Best Ribbon of the Day!”

I was cheering and clapping for all the little girls in her class – everyone was so happy. I was so proud of them all! One little girl didn’t receive any ribbons and my heart just melted. She didn’t seem too bothered by it, however there was another girl (I think she was a year or 2 younger than my Meg’s quietly crying because she didn’t have any ribbons.  I was so upset I asked the lady handing out the ribbons if she could have a ribbon.  She said everyone gets a ribbon, she said she would talk to the teacher in charge.    I just thought “oh please” just give her a ribbon now.   Everyone kept saying she would receive a colourful “participation Ribbon” tomorrow.  I thought she needs a ribbon now!  Why would they wait until tomorrow.  Having picked up my daughter from school that same day,  I asked the administrator when the kids who didn’t win ribbons would receive their ribbon.  There was a teacher standing there and she said she was happier and she got a ribbon.

Replaying the scenario in my mind, I wondered what I as a parent could have done?  What would I want done if it were my child?  After all I did know both of the children’s mothers.    I felt totally at a loss as I didn’t know what to do.  I mentioned it to a few teachers and they made there comments and I suggested to my daughter and her 2 friends that they offer her a ribbon.  I think they would have but their next event came up as I was talking to them and then they got all excited and ran to it, while this little girl was left weeping on the sidelines.  

Why does life have to be so hard at times?  Especially when they are so young and  innocent.  You just want to shelter your kids from all the hurts, sorrows and pains you know they will encounter.  I know “Track & Field Day” is supposed to teach kids about sportsmanship, working, winning & loosing.  But why not give everyone a ribbon.  How about offering those other 3 ribbons (at the event).  Talking with a friend today, (a former teacher) she suggested offering all of the kids a ribbon before they start the day with a little talk about what the ribbons represent and about winning and loosing.   How about offering those other 3 ribbons (at the event)?  Who knows maybe those 2 little girls who didn’t receive those ribbons today will turn into competitive athletes someday? 

I guess one of my lessons I want to teach my children is it is not whether you win or lose, it is how you play the game!



My best part of the day was when she got home from school she quietly said to me

“Mom I am really glad you came today!”


Talk soon ~



Goodbye “My 3 Year Old Boy! … Hello 4 Year Old Big Boy!”


Hello to my 4-year-old Boy Noah!  He has just bumped his head on the kitchen table, Mommy soothes and comforts his little crying – “there – there… little baby boy Mommy is here!”  My daughter who is 7 years old and my son were cuddling with me on the couch and pretending they were babies.  I was telling them both the day they were born and they wanted to hear the stories over and over again.  They were cooing like like babes and must admit I miss those days.

The presents are opened and he is thrilled running around with his new remote control car – battling monsters with his new swords.  SHHH…..One last un-opened gift is waiting in the garage sporting a big blue bow.  We are saving it for him to open before we go to Grandma’s for a little party.  My big boy will be riding his first new big boy bike today with training wheels.

I am thrilled to have my boy in my life, I remember when he arrived 4 years ago today – at 8:30 in the morning.  He was a “little breach boy” and refused to turn so Mom got to have a C-Section.  This is a whole different experience from my daughters regular kinda birthing.  We were scheduled for 8:30 and out he came, the Doctor who was wearing his Hawaiian shirt announced “You have a Boy!”  A miracle – the Doctor said we had a “Million Dollar Family”.  That is the term they use for people who have both a boy and a girl.  He said everyone wants a Spring baby, just like the lambs.

My Noah likes/loves the following~

Digging in the dirt

Playing in the with water and bubbles

Loves his dinkie cars

Loves his truck and new remote cars

Has a best friend Danyl

Eats hotdogs and cheese

He dislikes like fruits & vegetables

Drinks chocolate milk

Adores his sister and his doggie Irish

Likes to watch things grow

Loves scary movies

Is a good swimmer

Is learning how to read

Is really smart and likes learning

Still needs a nap

Is afraid of the dark

Not scared of the  “Rakka Monsters”s


Talk soon ~




All in the Family



Families … I am sure you have heard the saying, “You don’t always get to pick your family!”  I wonder if the man in the tree is petrified of his family below and simply doesn’t want to have any part of it or the family photo?  I think we have all been there before, well at least I have? 

I remember my Dad would drive my brother and I to high-school on occasion.  Have you ever seen the movie “Uncle Buck”.  Well I was trying to be that “cool girl”.  Remember that scene when Uncle Buck drops her off and beeps the horn while the car is spouting with the black smoke coming out of the old big Oldsmobile.  Well yep that was my Dad and my brother.   I would request for them to drop me off across the street in the parking lot.  Yep I kept walking knowing that they where giggling as they waved and tooted the horn for all its worth, probably some smoke was flowing from the hood too.  I didn’t dare look back at them, it would have blown my cover! 

We have an official “Family Day” tomorrow.  What will you do with your day?  I hope you will have some time to spend with your loved ones.  It is nice timing to have a statutory holiday to look forward to mid February.  I think we are ready for any type of holiday at this time of year!  Holidays are a great time to spend with family and friends.  

I am so blessed to have many good friends in my life today, who are just like family.  I was so lucky to have the best brother anyone could ever wish for too!  But secretly I had always hoped for a sister too.  My girlfriends are just like my sisters.  We see each other thru the ups and downs of life and I know I can always count on them.   I cherish and love my girl time, which is few and far between now that am I am raising my 2 little people.  But this mommy still needs her girls to feel .. well girly .. I guess.  You know who you are – moi love you!

I don’t think I really appreciated my family as much as I do since I started my own family.  Being a single girl, I was always into myself and thought “oh crap another family get together”.  It always seemed to kinda get in the way.  Now I look forward to those “silly” gatherings.  This past Holiday season we celebrated another meal with my 95 year old Grandmother  sitting at the head of the table.  I hope she will be with us for many more years to come. 

There are those times, like many of us that my family haven’t always seen “eye to eye”, and believe me we have had our quarrels. But I know no matter what my family will always be there for me.  I am leaving you with the dictionary definition of the word family to reflect on.  I met an interesting women yesterday and thought to myself.  MMM .. “How would my life be if I had her for a mother?”  We talked about different types of families and it got me thinking differently about the world and the family unit.   Don’t worry Mom I will never trade you in – you’re the best but since you are enjoying the rays in the sunny south, I have adopted my Grandmother as my “Back-up MOM”.  I guess I am just a Mommies girl!



fami-i-ly (fammalee)

1.  group of relatives:  a group of people who are closely related by birth, marriage, or adoption.

2.  people living together and functions as a single household, usually consisting of parents and their children.

3.  lineage:  all the people who are descended from common ancestor


Talk soon ~







Who is Coming With ME?



“Pack your Bags who is coming with me?”  My Aunt Judy who is in Florida now told me before she left.  “Come on down honey – we would love to have you!”.  She just didn’t give me the address yet.  When I call there is no answer, all I get is their answering machine. “Sorry we can’t get to the phone, we are at the Beach, leave a message!” Well I have left a few messages and now I am starting to wonder if maybe she didn’t really mean she wanted to see me and my two young children on her holiday.

My parents didn’t even invite us down, they know me better. They know we would have jumped on that plane and came for a wee visit. I still have nightmares of the plane ride with my son last year, we took him to Florida and it was just not fun. You hear about those parents whose toddlers are banned from planes, well that was us. Or it could have been.  I vowed never again, but as I stare out the window and all I see is white, blinding snow my thoughts drift to palm trees, sand and surf.  It has snowed 5 cm in just the last hour. I think to myself “It wasn’t that bad, he is older now.” Funny how we can rationalize anything.

Waking up this morning and checking the weather network and hearing yet another snowstorm on the way today. I thought surely they will cancel the buses once again and maybe even close the schools. No, all systems ago, the buses and schools are open. My bet is we will get a call this afternoon that the buses will be sending the kiddies home early.

I am a betting women, speaking of betting. A friend who attends the same daycare won an all-inclusive trip for 2 at a 5 star resort in the Dominican Republic this week at a local radio station. Can you imagine! I touched her – just for luck. I couldn’t believe her luck, she dropped her kids off just like any other day. She sat in her Van to hear the radio contest. She told us she didn’t have a radio in the house and she knew their was only 10 minutes to call in if her name was announced.   Amanda her daycare provider asked her daughter “Where is Mommy?” She said “Oh she is in the car, winning a trip” Amanda chuckled and thought “Oh sure she is?”

Well several minutes later Lisa (trip winner) came in babbling with cell phone in hand.  “Yes my name is Lisa, oops I just peed my pants” She was jumping up and down, yelling and screaming with Amanda “I WON….. I WON…. I WON!” All this time she was on the radio live. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.  Can you imagine? It really can happen!

Since it is a snowy, blowy kind of day and I have a few minutes, I think this girl just might enter a few contests. Maybe I will win my dream trip to Cuba. Wait…. I hear my phone ringing it is my Aunt Judy calling “she said her and her sister (my mom), just got in from the pool and were a little sun-burned. I could hear the surf of the ocean in the background, I am sure the Palm trees were swaying in the gentle breeze. “Let me grab a pen. I come back there is no answer. I got cut off, it must be the weather!

Talk soon ~


Frozen or Warm Heart


BIG (blog) Winter Heart

I am sitting in front of my warm fireplace this early morning.  It is yet another cold, dark day with chilly -20 temperatures.  My mind and body has been busy reflecting.

  • I want my heart to be open this year, to feel and give love. 
  • I want to give 110% to my family (even if I am tired and cranky). 
  • I want to make silly frozen hearts with my daughter & son, (actually they look really cool). 
  • I want to do more and be more.

Yesterday I heard my parent’s neighbour died suddenly.  A man 60 years old, playing hockey on a Sunday night, took a shower, and fell down and that was it.  I didn’t know this man very well.  But he always had a friendly smile and I am told was a loving husband and father.  “How could that be, I just waved to him several weeks ago”.  I thought of his poor family left to carry on without him.  I guess we always feel shocked when someone we know, whether they are close or not passes.  I think it is our little “wake-up” call, which we all  sometimes need to kick it into high gear!

Last night I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep.  Maybe it was too much coffee, or yet another  late night.  I have become a night owl of sorts, which makes me mad as I  was never one to stay up so late.  I was trying to settle down, close my eyes  and count my sheep.  Suddenly I could feel my heart pounding so deeply, I got a little scared.  I said a little prayer to myself.  “Please give me more time!”  Having had my kids late in life, I thought of all the things I still want to do with them.  I want to stop fussing over the little unimportant things, (like the messy house or the burnt toast), and just spend more quality time with family and friends. 

I guess it was my “wake-up call of sorts”.   I thought of my parents neighbour who was ready to retire, just built a little hobby shop and had a new grand baby.   He walked out like  every other Sunday to play a  game of hockey.  Did he kiss his wife and hug his kids that night or did he simply walk out thinking he had some more time…….

This weekend I am going to make some frozen hearts with my Meaghan and Noah…. maybe we will will even jazz them up with some  funky food colouring.  My heart will be warm, even though it will be cold and snowy.  I hope you can take some time and build your frozen hearts soon. 

Talk soon ~