I was putting my daughter Meaghan, to bed last night.  She said to me, “Mommy – I think I am the only 7 year old girl without these 3 things!” – I thought oh no what is it she doesn’t have?  I start to question my mothering skills or lack of them.  It seems on certain days a “TO DO LIST” of parenting stuff and a ” TO DO LIST” of life stuff seems to get in the way.  Do I not giver her enough love; her brother is a bit of hand full and demands a lot of attention.  At times I am sure I am not giving enough of me to her.  My list goes on.  Her agenda from school came home the other day and I haven’t picked out a 16 line poem for her to memorize yet, I didn’t sign her permission form for that school trip yet, would I be a trip helper, Yes I will check off “I will be a school helper”.  One more day would not hurt in delaying the mounting accounting pile of receipts to go through  for the tax season.

OK I say to Meaghan – “What is it honey?” – “Well MOM, I would like Bunk-Beds, a Puppy and a Computer, all of my friends have these and I am the only one who doesn’t have these things.”  OK I said well maybe we can think about it.  A puppy well I said we have Irish, he is our family dog.  He is a good “ole boy”, Old is really the term, he is about 15 years old, but the best doggie anyone could ever ask for.  “No I want my own puppy”.  Then she said “Mom I want Bunk-Beds too!”  I know that feeling of wanting those bunk beds.  Growing up my brother had bunk beds and we would hang out on the top or like usual I would get the bottom bunk.  I do remember climbing up the ladder sometimes I would be at the top with all my Barbies, having a “Bunk Bed Barbie Fest” and then having to go PEE and looking for the ladder.  MMM… my brother moved it again.  “David – where is the ladder?”  “I have to get down; I have to pee…..”  “I don’t know little sister, find it yourself”  ….. Oh those were the days.  A visual of little Meaghan sleeping on the top bunk and then falling down and breaking her arm or something, “no bunk-beds right now Meg’s” I tell her.  I remind her just got her a new bed.

She says, “But Mom.. .what about a new computer?”  All my friends have computers.  “MMM… well I am not sure about this, the internet and my 7 year old daughter cruising the net, looking for games, and stuff.   A visual comes up.  “UMMM” – No Meg’s maybe when you are about 20 years old we will think about it.” “But Mom ….. I want … OK Meg’s Nighty – Nights, close your eyes and “Dream about the Boat”.

I am making coffee this morning and the first thing my daughter says upon waking is, “So Mom when are we getting the new puppy?  Will we go one night this week or on the weekend?”  MMM… I say “well Meg’s we have a dog, blah, blah, blah…..

“Well Mom if we got a puppy then we could have a family dog and I would have my own Puppy!”  She said I want a black and white one, with spots on it!  I looked at “My Meg’s” and it was like staring at myself in the morning.  Her hair was all wild looking and sticking up all over.  I chuckle to myself and think my Mother has probably had that same conversation with me about a Puppy.  I remember I would always buy my Mom Goldfish for her Birthdays.

Ok Meaghan we have to eat your breakfast and get ready for the bus!  I am sure she will come home tonight with another item on her list that every 7 year old girl has but her, I wonder what is next?


Talk soon ~




Who would you Label as your Superhero?


: A fictional character who has amazing powers (such as the ability to fly).
: A very heroic person

Several weekends ago I watched Spiderman for the first time with my kiddlets. They loved it! They were giggling and cheering on Spiderman when the villains where upon him. I must admit I have never been a big fan of  Spiderman, however since watching this film thru the eyes of my kids, my thoughts  have changed. I am now a big fan. Peter Parker who played Spiderman in the 2012 film was just an ordinary young high school man trying to find his way. He was not the most popular but that all changed once he found his superpowers he could do anything he put his mind to.

I have always been someone who has looked out for the underdog. To me this movie was the epiphany of the ordinary who became the extraordinary. I loved it! I loved how my kiddlets just had such respect for this great force. Hopefully they could see too that anything is possible with hard work, determination and a few super powers.

Growing up my favorite superhero was Bionic Women. I remember coming home from school and flipping the channels till she came on. She was so beautiful and strong. She had this amazing ability to jump huge walls and could use her bionic powers whenever she needed them. How cool is that?

This month a real superpower captured many of our hearts as he walked the streets of San Francisco. A 5 year old Boy, named Miles celebrated the end of his cancer. In remission from his ongoing battle with Leukemia he has had since he was one year old. He was the “Bat Kid for a Day!”  With the help of the Children’s Wish Foundation he proudly walked with his father the streets of “Gotham City Wonderland”. He donned his batman cape and soared to great heights that day.

This life can be hard enough at times. Who would you label your superhero (s)? If you don’t have one I encourage to look around they might be closer than you think.

Talk soon ~

Just Bubbles


My little Man turned 3 this past weekend! Well we decided like Mom we will celebrate all Month Long (this is the tradition which have been passed down from my Mother, as she loves her Birthday so much she like’s to celebrate all Month long !) – Someone asked him the other day – when is your Birthday and he said “All week Long!”. Mmmm.. he is certainly starting to sound like his Mother. Well he was delighted with his cake, his presents, his balloons. What 3 year old wouldn’t be happy?

One of his favorite gifts is his Nerf shooter gun (this is not Mom’s favorite). Momma doesn’t like the thought of guns for playing but he is always shooting something with his hands or any other object – so Dad said to mom while browsing the isles “Why don’t you get him a Nerf shooter”. Wow that thing really shoots those little pellets (thingy things around). Maybe that is why it is suggested for 8 year olds and not 3 year olds. Well Dad said ok lets not use those “thingy things” and lets use the laser part of the Nerf shooter. Oh my gosh – it is enough to blind you. So luckily we have put it away for now and he seems to be happy with his new little Tool Box – hammering, drilling, doing all the tool box “thingy things”. I was making dinner tonight and he is banging on a piece of wood and not just banging but really banging and Mom said “Hey!” – and there he is in all is glory banging and hammering with his new tools – Ok Mom count to 3 – 1–2–3…. Breath – Breath (That is what my Yoga Teacher told me to do today).

So back to Bubbles…. what a glorious day we had on the weekend playing with yet another one of his many Birthday Gifts……. “Bubbles” – they just make you smile – they float in the air and up – up – up they go. We went for a lovely Sunday drive and where at our favorite Marina and just Blowing Bubbles and smiling. Well Ok there wasn’t so many smiles when Meaghan my daughter was blowing those Fabulous Gigantic Bubbles and Noah running for the Bubbles almost fell into the water near the Dock. I will remember not to get out the bubbles so close to the water next time (or maybe wear a lifejacket – hah!). My favorite part of the day….. was just watching them go into the beatiful blue sky and making a wish to spend many more simple carefree days with my family watching the world go by or maybe just watching the Bubbles!

“In all our quest of greatness, like wanton boys, whose pastime is their care, we follow after bubbles, blown in the air.” ~ John Webster

Talk to you soon ~