Label it Halloween FUN!



Halloween is right around the corner with the autumn leaves changing colours, the cooler evening, dare I say the word frost?  I will not say the other four letter word which starts with “S”.  It usually does that crazy weather stuff on Halloween night!

My 10 year old daughter and I were chatting about what she wanted to be for Halloween this year.  She wants to be some character on a TV show, I cannot even remember what it is?  She told me the costume is for sale at a store at the mall, for $50.00, but if you wait until the last minute, you just might get it for cheaper…. I told her we would think about it.  Call me thrifty but I tend to get the kids costumes at our local thrift store.  I have always found great costumes there.  I even thought about recycling their Halloween costumes from last year.  Yes I am that kind of mother, please don’t judge me.  However I may not be able to recycle the clown costume this year as her teacher said it is not recommended to wear a clown costume this year because of the “scary clown scare”.  What a crazy world.

Well not being the DIY kind of Mom for costumes and not being able to recycle their costumes this year, I guess I better  maybe we will put our crafty hats on and come up with a plan for this years Halloween costumes.

BOO and all that other scary stuff….what are you going to be this year!


Talk soon ~



The Letting Go Process…


Why do I cling to things, people, places that no longer serve my being?  Is it because I am a creature of habit?  Could it be fear of the unknown that stops me?  Or is that comfort is found in the known rather than the unknown?  I think for me it is an accumulation of all of the above and more.  This all sounds very deep for a Monday morning, or shall I say a Monday afternoon.  Time ticks along and I find myself still holding on to the same thoughts, and feelings and baggage of yesterday, only to find out it is too heavy to cart around.    I can analyze, dissect, take apart and put together things but it will never be the same.  I am realizing time is fleeting and all we have is today, this minute, and all we have of yesterday is a memory.  WOW …. that is deep, but so damn true!  Sometimes, or most of the time I kick and scream until I cross that other side and only then do I realize I had to go thru all that sh#t to get together side.


I had a chat with my bestie this morning and she said this and that.   Truth be told I did not really like everything she said but know it to be true.  Ah the healing process, the place of acceptance.   That place where you realize  this is why it feels yucky right now, because you are supposed to be feeling all of these emotions good and bad.  Why does it not usually happen overnight,  or in a big lightning bolt!  It usually happens when I least suspect it, cruising the aisles of the grocery store reading the latest trashy magazine while waiting in line.  Sometimes it will be that little voice inside me that quietly whispers to me or it will be that new person I meet in the aisle next to me that whispers or yells to me to keep going.

I guess this is all part of LIFE ….. all the ups and downs, all the colors of the rainbow swirling around in my head and my heart.  I know it feels better when I just LET GO! 

Talk soon



th (97)





In a New York Minute!


Reflecting on the split second life changing moments was forefront on my mind as I tucked my little angels into bed. I sighed with relief, and was grateful to hear them safely snoring. This morning I was getting my son Noah and I on our way. My son and his Dad walked down our long driveway to put the snow-blower away. We were blessed with more of that white stuff which needed to be cleared.

I glanced down and saw they were both still at the garage when I sat in the Jeep patiently waiting.  I thought maybe I would drive down and get Noah in the vehicle so we could be on our way. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him run in front of the Jeep, he is barely tall enough to see him. OMG I thought I almost had started the vehicle and backed out. What might have happened, how frightening this little episode was. I gave Dad a lot of heck when he finally walked up the driveway to say good-bye to us.

This is , “My bad Mommy Moment #526” Our day was winding down, the kids were watching a little “Sponge Bob – Square Pants”. I was reading the paper, catching up on the events of the day. Jeez I can’t get that darn jingle out of my head now. My son was playing with his newly opened 10 pack (glow in the dark sticks). I didn’t really think too much of it when he had one his mouth. That is not until his sister Meaghan said “MOM…..MOM…..” I turned and looked, to see she was glowing. Not only glowing but she had speckles of purple all over her and mostly in her hair. She started to cry. “Oh my gosh Meaghan, don’t touch anything”, I said. We quickly washed her hands and rinsed her hair. I threw out all of the sticks, (or so I thought). Several minutes later my son started crying and spitting. His grey pants were now a neon green.  I am sure his tongue was glowing.

Luckily they didn’t get any of this gross stuff in their eyes and I prayed my son didn’t ingest too much of that liquid. I quickly googled “what to do when glow sticks break”, and felt some reassurance they would be ok, since there was no vomit and no eyes which needed to be rinsed out, (Mom calmed down a little).  We rinsed, brushed, rinsed 7 more times and drank some Milk.    

Grateful to have my babies sleeping… How quickly our lives can change. How scary to think of how quickly accidents can happen. “Everything can change in a New York Minute!” I guess that is what our Guardian Angels are for.

Talk soon ~


Miranda Kissick – YOGA Teacher

miranda yoga pics 002

Miranda Kissick is a Yoga Teacher. I met with Miranda 2 years ago when I began my  journey in learning the practice of Yoga. She is awesome! If you have never tried yoga before, go see her!  If you have been practicing yoga for years, go see her you will not be disappointed. My friend Tanja (who is devoted to the practice), summed it up perfectly “Miranda speaks and practices from the soul!”  I know if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend her class and experience her spirit and quiescence you will know you have found something truly wonderful in your life.   I call this a gift!


I am in essence a private contractor, so I am self-employed.  I work for a studio, teach yoga to people in their homes and work at a local fitness club.


First and foremost I like helping people.  We live in a society where many people’s’ lives are over-scheduled.  As a result, people are more stressed than ever.  So if I can be of help to someone in learning how to breathe and relax, then I am happy.  Another benefit of this type of work is being able to set your own hours.  I can work as much or as little as needed and schedule my day around family commitments.


For someone just starting out, the first decision is where to go for your yogic education.  There are many schools/programs available, so ask around find the best fit for you.

Also, had I known I was going to be teaching yoga for a career, I could have benefited from greater exposure to courses such as anatomy and kinesiology.  Being a physiotherapist or personal trainer would be helpful to someone wanting to teach yoga.  the more knowledge you have about he body the better.  Also, having a degree or career in one of these areas would allow someone pursing yoga to support themselves! 

Yoga training is a lifelong pursuit, and training is expensive.  It is possible to make money teaching, but many people struggle to earn a living solely through teaching yoga unless you have another means of support.  To actually own and run one’s studio is costly and one needs business savvy as well as the ability to hire additional teachers.


I’m where I am today via a very circuitous route!!  I attended Purdue University (many years ago) and have a degree in Humanities, with a minor in travel and tourism and recreation.  I worked in the travel industry for many years and then I working in the publishing industry in sales.  I always had an interest in fitness and dance and yoga…. but never expected to actually become a yoga teacher.  I did take several yoga classes throughout my young adulthood, so perhaps I was preparing all along.  The seeds were planted years ago…..but just took time to sprout!


The Bhagavad Gita, a mystery novel, and La Prisonnaire.  (A true story of the 20 year imprisonment of a Moroccan woman, by her own adopted father.)


Blue…..For as long as I can remember.


When I was in grade school, I used to watch a PBS program called Lilias Yoga and You.  I was strangely attracted to this very slow-moving program with one person (Lilias) in a body suit doing yoga.  She had a very gentle and calm manner and wore her hair in a long braid down her back.  She seemed quite exotic to me!

This was in the 1970’s and I lived in a small farming community in the middle of Indiana.  I was truly mesmerized by Lilias, and have only realized recently that this was the very first seed of yoga planted for me.  One can see old videos of Lilias on You Tube and she is still teaching today!

 miranda yoga pics 009


One of the truly wonderful benefits of teaching yoga is the daily satisfaction of seeing someone’s life change (if only a little) by their practice.  If someone  feels better after class than they did when they walked into class, then I have accomplished my goal.


Number 1 … any person (body) can do yoga and every “body” can benefit from yoga practice.

Yoga is the simplest action or practice that one can adopt to achieve the greatest, most powerful positive change in one’s life.  Mental happiness,m the ability to concentrate, relationships, personal peace and contentment compassion for self and others. 

The health benefits include better sleep, a balanced nervous system, flexibility, better digestion, lower blood pressure, a calm mind and happy heart, more energy, and increased sexual satisfaction…..just to name a few! 

Need I say more!  Try yoga today.

You can find Miranda at the Awareness Yoga Studio in Elora,  The studio is located downtown Elora, with a view of the Grand River.  Miranda has a great “Gentle Yoga”,  Friday Class.   I always enjoy coffee after the class with “my yoga girls!”  





Best Friends



Who knows you better than your bestie?  I love to hang around people who I don’t need to act a certain way or pretend I am this or that.  I am just the “Nance”.  I get so much goodness when I hang around my besties.  I am so fortunate to have many besties in my life today.  They tell me how great I am when I don’t feel that way.  They see things in me that I don’t necessarily see, (good or bad), LOL.

I have had some changes this past year in my relationships and it has been a year of transformation for this girl.  I haven’t always embraced every change as gracefully as I would have liked but I did reach the other side with both feet firmly planted on the ground.

Being creatures of habit.  I believe it hard to make changes in one’s life, but absolutely necessary if we are to achieve personal happiness.  If you are like me and not sure if you are strong enough to make that change, just think about how you will feel on the other side.  Hold up your hands and take that leap and remember you are not alone.  If you are lucky enough to have some besties by your side, enjoy the ride they will hold you up and catch you when you fall.


Talk soon ~





Just Let Go

th (97)

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control of what you don’t.”

~ Steve Maraboli 

This morning I woke up after a long time of not wanting to write, I guess they call that “writers block!”  It is therapeutic for me,  I find it is cheaper than therapy.   

I had some understanding and clarity this morning, “so that is why that happened!”   I was thinking of the past of the many peaks and valleys thus far on my journey.   We all know the logical phrases to use when we want to comfort a loved one by saying,  “well it just wasn’t meant to be”.  We use this when they didn’t get that job, or that house, or that relationship that they wanted so badly.

Wow …  if only we didn’t have to feel all of those disappointments and those let downs and just have a little faith that everything would be OK and maybe even better than we thought it could be wouldn’t that be nice!

What a wonderful feeling to have that “letting go moment”.  Maybe they call that faith, I don’t know but thank you universe,  I feel a little lighter today!


Talk soon ~





th (96)

“Easy Peazy” Heart Birdfeeders


These are so easy to make, “Easy Peazy!” This is a great indoor craft for the kids and the birds love it too. One of our favorite family pastimes is birdwatching. These bird feeders are a great way to say “I love you to our feathered friends”.

My son loves to say “Mom … Mom … there is a Blue Bird” and my daughter loves the red Cardinals, (she has such a sweet way of saying it!)   Mom prefers the tapping of a Woodpecker and the little chickadees. If you want to spread some love to your birdies and have some fun with the kiddlets why not try these easy home-made heart bird feeders for Valentines.


 Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter 
 Bag of Birdseed 
 Knox gelatin  
 Large mixing Bowl


Take a large mixing bowl and measure 4 cups of bird seed, (we used wild bird seed mixture).  Add 3 packages of small Knox gelatin mix, stirring in 2 cups of boiling water for about 2 minutes. (we used a bit more water than the package calls for).  “My motto is “More is always better”.  Grease cookie cutter with a non-stick spray.   We used a non-stick pan of 6 heart shapes, still spraying the inside of the pan with the non-stick spray, (we found this at our local grocery store).   Spoon and press into molds.  If you have a single heart-shaped mold (use a piece of foil on the back of it, and spray with non-stick spray).   

Use spoon to smooth top of the filled cookie cutters to flatten. Poke in little holes at top of each heart with straws and put into hearts. We cut the straws in half.   Put in your freezer or outside if cold,  (we used the freezer for 2 or 3 hours),  this allows for a faster hardening process. 

Carefully take out the hearts (we used a knife to start the edge of the cookie cutter.  If straw is not all the way through hole, gently push it to the other side of heart.  Put a piece of twine in the hole.  We started with the hard side of heart to get it through the hole easier.  Use  a big enough piece of twine to tie at top and hang outside.

This recipe makes about 12 small hearts.  Place on trees and watch the birds and kids delight in their new heart feeders.   If you don’t want to put them all out at once, we suggest storing the leftovers in the Freezer in a container as this keeps them hard.  Volia – How hard was that – “Easy Peazy!”

Talk soon ~


A New Year to Label Amazing!



This year I have let go of a lot of things I had been clinging to for a long time.  I admit at times I literally felt like I was hanging on for dear life.  Little did I know that all I needed to do was to let go and simple let the universe do it’s work.  Wow… what a great feeling  to literally throw your hands up in the air and say aloud,  “I cannot do this anymore… help!”  I have been blessed to be surrounded by amazing family and friends this year, and to know that I am supported.  

I find I have had to take baby steps along the way and that all my pain and tears have allowed me to grow more into the kind of women I want to be for me and my children.  It has not been easy but it I know that I am now on the right path, or so it seems.  I have hope and happiness now, something I have not felt in a very long time.  It may not always be sunny, especially today on this cloudy, dark December afternoon, but I knew in my heart the sun would return soon.

I hope this New Year will bring some sunshine and a renewed sense of wonder and hope for the possibilities in your world!


Talk soon ~




Label it Stressful and Merry…. Ho, Ho, Ho!




Tis the season to be Merry!  If you are a Mom you probably can relate to this photo.  Did you buy enough presents, is the turkey thawed, do you have enough plates, do you have a gift for the neighbour who popped in to say hello and brings you a fruit basket!

I have to say I thought I had everything all organized and ready to go and thought of those poor people circling the Mall just trying to  find a parking spot.  Those last-minute shoppers rushing around, don’t they know December 25th is always the same day on the calendar.  Why would they not plan and organize their time wiser, who wants have to pick out those last-minute items on those empty shelves?

I decided to take one last look at my online  account at the store I had thought I had purchased my gifts.  It turns out I did not have an account even set up  Wait,  they did not even recognize my email address, the password was not valid either.    How could this be, I had set it all up just a few weeks ago.  I was no fool, I was going to be done my shopping early so I could focus my attention on things that really matter, family and friends and spending quality time together. 

Phone in hand I dialed and listened to their automated message, for over 20 minutes  All the while the kids grew more irritable and restless as they waited patiently for their Mother who was starting to look festive and was starting to grow antlers and was breathing fire at the same time. 

Every day I drove into my driveway with the anticipation of seeing a parcel at my doorstep.  I didn’t understand the other purchases I made had arrived in a very fashionable 2/3 business days after ordering.  I chuckled to myself and thought finally this Christmas shopping is smooth sailing those poor suckers still out there, don’t they know how to spend their time wiser.   

Having owned and operated my own online business, one would think I would have a stronger grasp of the technology and the basics of online shopping.  Since I was still on hold I thought I had better take one last look at m Visa statement and realized they had not charged my account as of yet.  Well these things take time, I had been making excuses and rationalizing to myself for the last few weeks, playing the game, “I’ll give it a few more days before I get worried”  Until now the time was ticking and reality had hit, it was December 22 and still no parcel. 

Since I was already running late, I took more time and thought I had better email the company my information and demand “where is my order”.  I did receive a nice ” we are experiencing a higher than normal volume of emails, we will get back to you after Christmas!”  Perhaps you have  had this type of message before?  I asked my 5 year old son, “what should Mommy do”, he said “go to the store Mom!”  Boy that kid is smart! 

Looking into the children’s eyes Mommy knew she had to put her dancing shoes on and get the parade started, off to the Mall I would go.  Thank goodness Grandma and Grandpa had preplanned a fun day for kids to meet Santa at the Mall, so Mom had a few precious hours to herself.  I hopped on my sleigh and off I went.  

I have learned I will not be so smug and to laugh at yourself, because it really isn’t that large of a problem in comparison to the problems in our world today.

Wishing you all a good night.  To all stressed out Mom’s, there is still time to shop, get it all done, and to deck the halls, we are in this together!   Just think it will all be over in a couple of days and then we can do it all over again.  Next year will be different.

Enjoy your time, and savour the moments with friends and family.  May peace and happiness be yours this holiday season!


Talk soon ~





Label Me Winter


The First snowfall of the season and I am already thinking of going to the sunny south!  I love this picture as it represents my thoughts in a nutshell, just take me away, pack the suitcase, put on my best hat and I am out of here.   My kids on the other hand were overjoyed and I suppose they felt elated when they rolled up some big snow balls and slid them down the hill today.  They made a beautiful snowman and even added a hat and some eyes, ears, and a nose.  Mom watched this in the warmth of the indoors while sipping my coffee and flipping thru yesterdays newspaper.   

Looking out upon the morning sun, the snow falling on the trees and the kiddies frolicking in the snow did look rather magical.   There is always something about that first snowfall of the season.  It may not look so magical when you see the snow plow pulling around the corner for the 4th time in one day or when the shovels are pushing the slush around and it feels so heavy you just cannot imagine where you will put all the snow.  But for now I will just breath in and look at the pretty SNOW and start packing my bags to meet Mr. Snowman two streets over!  See you in the spring kids.   Oh wait I was just daydreaming, what I meant to say was kids the hot chocolate it ready……….. come in when you little toes are turning into ice cubes, oh yes the wonderful winter weather is upon us – enjoy!


Talk soon