Label it Halloween FUN!

  Halloween is right around the corner with the autumn leaves changing colours, the cooler evening, dare I say the word frost?  I will not say the other four letter word which starts with “S”.  It usually does that crazy weather stuff on Halloween night! My 10 year old daughter and I were chatting about […]

The Letting Go Process…

Why do I cling to things, people, places that no longer serve my being?  Is it because I am a creature of habit?  Could it be fear of the unknown that stops me?  Or is that comfort … [Read More...]

In a New York Minute!

Reflecting on the split second life changing moments was forefront on my mind as I tucked my little angels into bed. I sighed with relief, and was grateful to hear them safely … [Read More...]

miranda yoga pics 002

Miranda Kissick – YOGA Teacher

Miranda Kissick is a Yoga Teacher. I met with Miranda 2 years ago when I began my  journey in learning the practice of Yoga. She is awesome! If you have never tried yoga before, go … [Read More...]

How Did You Get That Job?

Inspirational Moments